Bright lights, big city … slow Internet?

WK&T’s fiber service produces faster broadband than what’s available in many larger cities

Billy “Buck” Viniard has faster Internet from WK&T’s fiber service in Cunningham than what he’s able to get at his job in downtown Paducah.

Billy “Buck” Viniard has faster Internet from WK&T’s fiber service in Cunningham than what he’s able to get at his job in downtown Paducah.

WK&T members live where they do for a reason. Though cities offer some advantages like convenient shopping and more restaurant options, rural residents have chosen the open spaces, quality of life and small-town culture of local communities.

But, as many WK&T members have discovered, living in a rural area doesn’t mean you’ll be getting slower, second-rate Internet service like residents in larger cities, such as Paducah, St. Louis or Memphis sometimes experience.

WK&T’s fiber service provides faster broadband speeds than most people can find in large cities — and WK&T’s service is often available for less money.

For instance, would you believe that residents in Cunningham can get faster Internet than workers and students in downtown Paducah?

Billy “Buck” Viniard, a Cunningham resident and WK&T member, says his home Internet speed is faster and cheaper than what is available to him at work in Paducah.

“I’ve been very, very satisfied with my fiber service, and I’ve recommended it to several people who are on something else,” says Viniard.

Viniard’s home fiber regularly supports his family’s home phone and television services, two game consoles, two Internet video streaming services and Wi-Fi for smartphones and computers. “It’s amazing that our fiber service keeps up with all that,” says Viniard. “There’s no delay; it’s wonderful.”

And as many members quickly realize, as a cooperative, WK&T has the community’s best interest in mind. That community commitment has helped build nearly 25 years of loyalty with Viniard. “I’ve had the same telephone number ever since I’ve lived in Cunningham,” says Viniard. “I love the local relationship that I have with WK&T. If I have a problem, they’re going to be there and they’re going to solve it. That’s worth the money right there.”

Throughout WK&T’s service territory, fiber is doing more than just building member loyalty and speeding up Internet downloads. Fiber is transforming the entire community. It’s furnishing teachers with the ability to teach with the Internet in their classroom. It’s providing new Internet-based jobs. And it’s increasing the speed and effectiveness of local emergency services. The possibilities fiber provides are only beginning.

Today, it’s hard to comprehend all the changes fiber will contribute to the community. So until then, perhaps the best support is given by current users, like Viniard. “I had a neighbor call and ask if I like my fiber service,” he says. “I just smiled and said, ‘I love it.’”

To see the difference fiber can make for your home or business, call WK&T at 1-877-954-8748 or visit