2014 WK&T annual meeting

Saturday, July 19 • Graves County High School • Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

The event will feature food, live entertainment and door prizes for members. Come out to hear how far your cooperative has come in the last year and learn about plans for growth and improvement in 2014 and beyond.

SmartHub mobile app makes monitoring your WK&T account easy

WK&T has partnered with SmartHub to provide members a safe and secure way to access their WK&T accounts via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. SmartHub is a free application that can be downloaded for iOS and Android users.

With the app, WK&T members can manage payments — including billing reminders — as well as notify the cooperative of account and service issues, check monthly service usage and receive special notifications from WK&T.

The new service is just one more way your cooperative is making your life a little easier. Download the application today or call 1-877-954-8748 for more information.

Fiber network met with weather delays, but construction continues

WK&T contractor George Scott splices fiber near Old Olive Road.

WK&T contractor George Scott splices fiber near Old Olive Road.

WK&T has nearly completed installation of the primary fiber lines. Contractors have recently completed fiber trunk lines in Lynn Grove and Kirksey,  and WK&T has readied the area to begin offering fiber service. Provided the weather allows work to continue, the Cypress and Fairdealing areas should be ready for the new fiber network in early May, while service in New Concord should be ready in June.

WK&T joins with fellow telcos to take concerns of rural consumers to Tennessee state capital

Members of the Tennessee Telecommunications Association, including WK&T Operations Manager Craig Sullivan, center row, fourth from left, met with Gov. Haslam during their recent visit to Nashville.

Members of the Tennessee Telecommunications Association, including WK&T Operations Manager Craig Sullivan, center row, fourth from left, met with Gov. Haslam during their recent visit to Nashville.

Leaders from Tennessee’s independent telecommunications companies met with state government leaders recently to discuss legislation impacting rural consumers.

The Tennessee Telecommunications Association (TTA) held its annual “TTA Day on the Hill,” with executives from cooperative and independent broadband and phone providers gathering at the state capital to express their concerns about bills that would threaten their ability to deliver affordable broadband service to the state’s rural regions.

“We are particularly concerned about four bills that have been introduced this session,” says Levoy Knowles, TTA’s executive director. “These bills would allow municipalities to expand beyond their current footprint and offer broadband in our service areas. If this were to happen, municipalities could cherry-pick our more populated areas, leaving the more remote, rural consumers to bear the high cost of delivering broadband to these less populated regions.”

Seventeen TTA members participated in the event, including WK&T Operations Manager Craig Sullivan. Participants met with Speaker of the House Beth Harwell and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey. Rep. Pat Marsh, Chair of the House Business and Utility Committee, also met with the group, along with committee Vice Chair Rep. Art Swann. Later in the day, the group enjoyed a brief visit with Gov. Bill Haslam.

Bowl Battle

WK&T Sports Bowl Challenge comes down to championship game

By Andy Johns

bigstock-American-Football-Close-up-on--36386632When Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston completed a 2-yard touchdown pass with 13 seconds left in the BCS Championship Game, Seminole fans cheered and Auburn fans stood shocked.

But beyond the players and fans of each school, there were at least two men in WK&T’s service area feeling the same joy and disappointment.

The touchdown and Florida State’s win meant J.R. Lozoya took Roger Cochran’s $100 and Cochran would have to take second place.

In WK&T Sports’ Pick-It Bowl Challenge, where contestants get points for correctly selecting winners of each bowl game, Lozoya trailed Cochran’s leading score by 10 points going into the championship.

Cochran predicted an Auburn win, but Lozoya went with the Seminoles, which gave him 15 points to vault him five points ahead.

“It came down to that last game,” says Lozoya, of Mayfield.

As the winner, Lozoya garnered $100 in the contest. Cochran brought home $50 for second place, and Jeri Wofford of Buchanan, Tenn., won $25 for a third-place finish. “It was neck and neck there for a while,” says Cochran, of Kenton, Tenn.

Differing strategies

Lozoya pays close attention to NFL football, but doesn’t spend as much time on the college game. “It was just luck,” he says of his win. “If you’re going to do it seriously, you’ve got to know your teams.”

Both he and Cochran say the Bowl Challenge increased their interest in some of the lesser-known bowl games. “I was always checking scores,” Cochran explains. “I definitely watched more of the bowl games.”

Cochran says he felt good about his picks, but was let down by Auburn and Northern Illinois, which he picked to win. “I watch a lot of college football,” he says. “I enjoyed it.”

Wofford, a longtime FSU fan, was doubly invested in the Seminoles win. “I knew FSU would win, I just didn’t know by how much,” she says. “Saturdays you pretty much find me glued to the TV.”

She was outside the top ten in the challenge rankings until she picked Oklahoma to upset Alabama, followed by an FSU win. She hopes more women will participate in the basketball bracket and then come back for the bowls next year.

“There’s a lot of hardcore collegiate football fans who are women,” she says.

Basketball Bracket coming soon

Each of the football winners say they will be back for WK&T Sports’ Bracket Challenge this March. The competition will work the same way as the Bowl Challenge, but using the time-honored brackets to predict winners in the NCAA basketball tournament.MarchMania_2013_logo

Visit www.wk.net and click on the “Pick It” link after Selection Sunday, but before the NCAA tournament, to fill out your free bracket. Prizes are the same as for the Bowl Challenge.

Cochran says he doesn’t follow basketball as closely as football and believes the bracket will be tougher than picking the bowls. He won’t have any favorites to win the tournament until the conference tournaments are finished.

“That’s going to be a wait-and-see situation,” he says. “When it gets to be tournament time you never know who is going to win anyway.”

Wofford is also not sure about her picks yet, but has a hunch that is likely to be a popular choice in the contest.

“I’m liking the way Kentucky looks,” she says. “I’m looking forward to doing it.”

Security discount

Did you know having security service from WK&T could save you money on your homeowners insurance? Most insurance providers give a discount of up to 15 percent of premiums for homeowners who protect their homes with a security system. Combining this insurance discount with the bundle price on security means some homeowners can add security service for just a few dollars each month. Contact your insurance provider to see if you qualify.

Smooth transition to 364 area code

WK&T would like to thank our members for the smooth transition to 10-digit dialing after Kentucky added the new 364 area code on Feb. 1. The new area code, which was implemented to meet the demand for more telephone numbers in our region, requires that telephone users dial the area code before every phone call.

Additionally, WK&T has a limited number of 270 lines remaining to be issued to new subscribers. Business members seeking to add a new line in the near future, should contact the cooperative to avoid having numbers with both 270 and 364 area codes.

New Channels coming to WK&T

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best entertainment options in the region, WK&T has added two new channels to our television lineup. The channels are:

WK&T Local Weather, channel 50, Limited and Expanded Tiers

This channel will provide 24/7 local weather reports, including current conditions, local radar, extended forecasts, advisory information and the NOAA Weather Radio broadcast from Paducah, Ky.

La Familia Cosmovision, channel 567, Hispanic Tier 

This is a Spanish language network that emphasizes traditional Hispanic family values. It airs religious programming as well as movies, cooking shows, talk shows and newscasts.