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Congressional staff members tour Kentucky and Tennessee

WK&T CEO Trevor Bonnstetter visited with congressional staff members as part of a tour organized by the Foundation for Rural Service. Many of the staff members on the trip have the privilege of advising members of congress on telecommunications issues. The trip throughout East Kentucky and Middle Tennessee gave them a firsthand look at the challenges and triumphs rural telcos face while providing high-speed broadband.

The Foundation for Rural Service is the nonprofit organization which functions in collaboration with NTCA—The Rural Broadband Association. NTCA represents nearly 900 independent, community-based telecommunications companies and their interests in national government affairs.

“It was insightful to meet the staff members advising congressional members,” says Bonnstetter. “Being able to show them the difficulties of the areas we serve directly and showcase the high-quality services we provide to our members was invaluable.”

Congratulations, Susan!

IMG_2452During her time with the cooperative, Susan Young has seen WK&T transition from a telephone provider to a company that also offers high-speed fiber Internet and high-definition television service. After initially working in customer service for three years, Young has spent the last 23 years in the IT department. While she’s processed more WK&T statements than she could ever count, it’s the family environment and co-workers that will always put a smile on her face.

“The industry has changed so much, but it’s been a fantastic job. I’ve loved it,” says Young. “I’m going to miss it, but I’m ready for a new chapter.”

Young hopes to spend her retirement doing volunteer work, traveling and, mainly, playing with her grandchildren.
From everyone at WK&T, thank you for all your work, Susan. Enjoy your retirement!

Please don’t cut down extra telephone poles

WK&T’s new fiber buildout helped the cooperative streamline its network and function with greater efficiencies. It also allowed WK&T to run its fiber lines throughout the service area using fewer telephone poles.

WK&T is currently working to eliminate the extra poles left behind. If there is an extra pole on or near your property, please do not cut it down. Please call 1-877-954-8748, and WK&T will work to remove it as soon as possible. Thank you!

WK&T upgrades technology for a more efficient dispatch service

Upon upgrading the technology used by WK&T dispatcher Kevin Wiggins, fellow employees now joke that it looks like he’s at the helm of a space station control room. His responsibilities aren’t quite that life or death, but Wiggins is continually glancing at several computer screens throughout the day as he stays busy directing WK&T crews to new installations and service calls. With the help of a fiber network, smartphones and GPS technology, Wiggins makes sure WK&T provides the most efficient and effective customer service for cooperative members. It’s one more way WK&T is providing big-city service in the rural communities it serves.